20-26 June 2016

Summer Festival Art Labyrinth is a festival of alternative culture, art and environmental awareness.

People come here for a strong existential experience – this is the goal and idea. To make these three days not only “party” and fun out of boredom, we try to involve participant as the member of the creating process, not just a consumer. This year we will do everything to make it turn out even better.

So welcome to the EIGHTH festival.


1. For those who are not artists or volunteers entrance to the festival will cost 170 lei.Until 6 of June you can buy ticket Art-Labyrinth Festival for 100 lei. That will help us in preparations.

2. Transport to the exact place of festival will be organized from Chisinau. This will be the easiest way to join if you don’t want to hitch-hike (there is no direct “marshrutka” from Chisinau, and those connections that exist are definitely not an easy way). To have the place in bus we rent you need to buy ticket in advance (more details soon).

3. Camp-hotel. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent one! You just need to request it in advance as well – more details coming also soon

Welcome to our big Moldovan experience!

Mother Earth needs good medicine – NOW

There will a talking stick round, to find out, from what points of live peopel are coming, and what question they carry on with them. We will try to find our connection with our great parents...