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Time – every day of the festival from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 12:00.
Location: Tipi

Have you ever seen those great hand­drum players playing their djembes and thought: “I wish I could play too!” Well, this masterclass is for all you absolute beginners. 13307307_958228824290946_5660410610156413070_nEveryone has rhythm, and the master will show you the basics about drumming, from how to hit the drum to playing basic rhythms. There are 1 hr classes each day and hopefully by the end of the festival, you will be inspired to get a drum of your own and play every day, as only continued practice will make as you as good as all those cool drummers you have seen!

Master: Sat Grewal

Sat has been drumming for about 16 years, ever since he made his own drum in 2000. It is a way of life for him, as he busks with his drum on his never­ending travels. He has been teaching drumming for almost as long. He has taught to people of all ages, from informal classes on the road, to organized drum­circles in places where he spends more than just a few days before moving on the road once again.


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