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MC Time: morning volts.
Duration MK: 30 minutes each

The master class we will get acquainted with one embodiment of the Chinese gymnastics Qigong – meridian qigong. Meridional Qigong harmonize the energy of the body, controls their course along the meridians, it allows "targeted" to work with the energy channel to which the diseased organ.
As a result, the practice of qigong meridian:
  • you get rid of painful or incurable illnesses;
  • You understand what it means to feel truly healthy;
  • You gain confidence that health does not leave you for years to come.
The second part of the practical master – class you will learn the unique technique of breathing connected. This kind of practice is used in situations of daily life when dealing with feeling that what is happening is somehow difficult for him, or when it needs more power to solve certain problems.
Such breathing acts causing relaxation, renewal and refocusing the perception of thinking, bringing a sense of fun and helping to look at life with new eyes.

Master Svetlana Afanasyeva

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