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MK Location: Shambala
MC Time: am Wed. Wed. pt. Sat. Sun.
One lesson for 2 hours.
Workshop Duration 5 days.

Qigong – is the art of Qi energy, having a disease which can be treated, to be strong and invincible in battle, slow the aging process, prolong life, to develop creativity, to strengthen the spirit and deeper understanding of the world.
At the first stage the three core studied in detail, 4 preparatory exercises and a number of subsidiary. In addition they also studied some of the mental images of Medicine.
. The seminar program:
       Introductory lecture.
      Opening channels to the fingers and toes.
       4 preparatory exercises.
       3 main exercises:
       “A big tree”;
      “The transformation of qi” (Yan-chi), includes one of the activation methods of ball
qi (other methods practiced at club sessions);
“Small Heavenly Circle” in two ways.
      Auxiliary exercises:
1. 2 purification from bad qi method;
2. The methods of receiving Qi, including yin qi and yang qi;
3. Methods of yin and yang qi radiation – from the point of the sword and Laogun method.
4. breathing through the points and channels (Laogun, Yuntsyuan, Bai Hui);
5. The practice of Qigong during the walk;
6. The practice of Qigong during sleep;
      From medicine mental images:
1. The method for diagnosing your hands;
2. 4 treatment arms;
      Some methods of self:
– Normalization of blood pressure;
– Work with vision;
 – One of the treatment methods of liver or kidney operation.

Master: Qigong instructor Valentin Plastovets

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