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MK Location: Shambala
MC Time: morning volts.
Duration MK 1 hour

Qigong – is the art of Qi energy, having a disease which can be treated, to be strong and invincible in battle, slow the aging process, prolong life, to develop creativity, to strengthen the spirit and deeper understanding of the world. Zhong Yuan Qigong belongs to the higher levels of Qigong.
Participation in the practical master – class, under the motto: “The first step to themselves” will allow you to performing simple exercises to get your own experience
Qigong practice.
The purpose of a master – class.
Introduction to Qigong. Learning cleaning techniques, harmonization, relaxation and accumulation of energy all the way. As a result, most of the participants will be able to feel what is Qi sensations, and some will be able to see it and in the images.
This practice eventually will allow to get rid of some of the blocks, calm the mind and bring it to a state of creativity and self-healing that can significantly improve your quality of life.

Master Valentin Plastovets

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