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MK6-7-8-1There will a talking stick round, to find out, from what points of live peopel are coming, and what question they carry on with them. We will try to find our connection with our great parents — Father Sun and Mother Earth — to say thank you, to our real parents, thank you for our lives, and, in that spirit to go forward to heal the wounds in ourselves, what makes Mother Earth suffering from us.

We will find ways, to live in society, to overcome Earth destroying structures and to sacrifice our Great Mother on all we do in our daily life.

Life is a prayer, not praying a part of life.

It will be 3 work-shops, but both days the same theme, but different way to go with it.

1)  ASANAS, Celtic Yoga

Время МК: первая половина дня вт. ср. чт. пт. сб. вс. 

Spiritual works starts in a clean body, but nowadays it is hard, to keep ourselves clean.
Food, the surrounding, and our lifestyle is intoxicating our bodies. Real meditation is impossible for our bodies, because we are carrying to many toxins.
What we will do in the mornings are a some exercises/prayers of the the celtic forefathers, what will help us, to protect our bodies and keep them clean.
We will do some very easy exercises, what we can do in our daily life, what helps us easily, to stay connected, with the place, where we are and the spirits around us.
The work is not magic, but what we will create with that work is a “magic” space, giving ourselves love and happiness.
In his teachings Amohi will talk about food and drugs, and how to eat, drink and live in a clean healthy way.

2) Sweatlodge

Время МК: вторая половина дня вт. чт. сб.

MK6-7-8-2Sweatlodges are one of the oldest shamanic healing and cleansing rituals in the world. In the sweatlodge we find the womb of mother earth as well as spirit of father sun. During the ceremony we assemble with all the souls of the universe. The sweating not only cleanses our bodies. Our thoughts and feelings also begin to flow. Through this process we are deeply connected with all the souls as well as with our innerselves.
The atmosphere varies: sometimes we maintain silence, drift into dreams or we speak — it depends on how we feel when we unite. In the past people went into sweatlodges before hunting, conferences or feasts. It was also the place where healings from physical, emotional and psychic illness could occur. Today the sweatlodges can be used to prepare one before important decisions or for healing.

3) Talking circle

Время МК: вторая половина дня ср. пт. вс. 

Требования МК: people need to bring a towel drinking water good motivation a small gift as energy exchange
Мастер: Mardhuin Amohi Raphael Bastan is one of the last Celtic priest of Europe, who re ceived his knowledge from an old non-stop family-tradition, and he is the only one, who is known, to keep the know ledge of the Celtic Sweatlodge.

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